The Next Generation

Reload Card

E-ZPass Reload Card

Now available at participating locations:

Reload Card Retailers

The Reload Card. A more convenient way to replenish with cash.

You’ve always been able to replenish your E-ZPass account with cash at E-ZPass Customer Centers. Now you can cash replenish at participating Virginia retailers, too, with the E-ZPass Reload Card.

The Reload Card is a wallet-size re-useable card that can be linked to your Virginia E-ZPass account. You can use it to manually replenish your account with cash at any participating retailer.

How the Reload Card works

Present your Reload Card to the cashier who will scan it and enter your initial reload amount from $10 to $500, plus the $1.50 retailer convenience fee. Your funds will stay on your Reload Card until you link it to your E-ZPass account.

To link your card, call 1-855-583-5306 toll-free, have your transponder number available and follow the instructions. Once your Reload Card is linked to your E-ZPass account, your funds will be credited immediately.

Use your Reload Card to replenish as needed

After linking the Reload Card to your account, keep the card in your wallet for future reloads at any participating retailer. You will not have to call to link your card again. A $1.50 retailer convenience fee will apply each time you add funds to your Reload Card.

Replenishment options

While automatic replenishment with your credit or debit card is by far the most popular way to manage your E-ZPass account, there are a number of manual replenishment options available:

Use a credit or debit card. Log onto your account at Click Here to Manage My Account at EZPassVA or call 1-877-762-7824.

Write a check. Take it or mail it to any Customer Service Center location.

Pay with cash. Stop by any Customer Service Center or use the Reload Card at any participating retailer.

Use a prepaid card. Purchase a prepaid credit or debit card at any retailer and use it to replenish by phone or online.

Temporary Customer Service Changes

Updated 5/18/2020

Due to COVID-19 we have implemented service changes to promote the health and safety of our employees while maintaining customer service for our valued patrons.

  • - Portsmouth and Norfolk customer service locations are open. All other locations remain closed.
  • - Telephone customer service hours are 7am-7pm.
  • - Website and automated phone system continue to be available 24/7
    To make it easier to get an E-ZPass, the minimum opening account balance has been temporarily reduced to $20.00 per transponder (from $35.00) for online and phone applications

On-the-Go transponders are also available at our retail partners for $35.00 in pre-funded tolls - user menu: "E-ZPass Locations - Find E-ZPass Retailers." - 200.24