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Automatic Replenishment

Selecting automatic replenishment is the most convenient way to manage your E-ZPass account. You may choose to automatically replenish your account using a valid credit card or by providing your checking/savings bank routing and account number for electronic funds transfer via ACH with a valid credit/debit card as backup. As you use the toll roads, your available balance decreases. When your account reaches the low balance threshold, you may see a yellow light while driving through the toll lanes. That night, we will process a payment equal to your replenishment amount. The replenishment amount is added to your available balance. If you did not select automatic replenishment when you opened your account, you can change to automatic replenishment at any time.

Occasionally, automatic replenishment may not process. If that happens, the yellow light (available only at some toll lanes) will continue to appear on subsequent days. If you see the yellow light for more than two days, please call us immediately. We may need to update your payment information. We recommend you may supply us with a secondary form of payment, which you may add by logging into your account and adding all required information under the payment tab.

Available Balance

This is the total amount of prepaid tolls available in your E-ZPass account.


Detailed Monthly

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Paper mail - $2.00 per month for the first three transponders on your account and $2.00 per month for every partial or full group of three transponders thereafter.

Quarterly Summary

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Low Balance

This is a level set for each account based on the number of E-ZPass transponders in the account or your usage pattern. The minimum required low balance is $10.00 times the number of transponders in your account.

For example, if you have three transponders in your account, then your low balance will be a minimum of $30.00. Once your available balance reaches that amount, we will try to automatically replenish your account if you have selected this option and you may see a yellow light at the toll plazas equipped with lights.

Manual Replenishment

With manual replenishment, you must provide a credit/debit card number via the IVR, Web, or customer service representative, mail a check, or come in to one of our Service Centers and make a payment each time your account reaches the low balance level.

Replenishment Amount

When your account balance reaches the low balance level, your account needs to be replenished. Your replenishment amount is your average monthly toll usage. The minimum replenishment amount is $35.00 for each transponder on your E-ZPass account. If your monthly usage exceeds $35.00 per transponder, we may adjust your replenishment amount to accommodate your toll usage and minimize the number of times we need to replenish your account. For example, if you drive on the Dulles Greenway and you spend an average of $8.00 a day, 20 days per month, then your average monthly usage would be $160.00 a month, and your replenishment amount will be adjusted to reflect your monthly usage.

Yellow Light

In toll lanes with signals, a yellow light indicates that your account has reached the low balance level and needs to be replenished. If you see this light for more than two consecutive days, contact the Customer Service Center for assistance. Please note that if enough toll transactions post to your account simultaneously, you may go directly from seeing a green light to seeing a red, blue or white light.

Red, Blue or White Light

A red, blue or white light indicates an unpaid toll. Stop and pay the full toll if you are in a cash lane. This signals that your account is either out of funds or there may be something wrong with your E-ZPass transponder or the way it is mounted. Contact the Customer Service Center for assistance. - 200.26