The Next Generation

A new way to ride the leading edge

There's a lot that's new with E-ZPass. It's easier than ever to get a new transponder through E-ZPass On-the-Go, available at local Virginia retailers, as well as online and at our customer service centers.

New toll roads are providing more travel options with greater access and E-ZPass adds even more convenience. In addition, Virginia's E-ZPass program no longer charges a maintenance fee on transponders. Order your E-ZPass today!

More convenience for
E-ZPass users

Automatic replenishment is by far the easiest and most popular way to replenish your E-ZPass account. But for those who prefer to replenish manually with cash, we're pleased to offer a convenient new option: the Virginia E-ZPass Reload Card, the card that lets you replenish where you shop. For details, click here.