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Coleman Bridge

Coleman Bridge

  Easy come, easy go from the Coleman Bridge to Colonial Yorktown and historic Gloucester. Toll lanes are northbound direction only.

Number of E-ZPass Only Lanes:

Location of E-ZPass Only Lanes:
E-ZPass only are the left lanes approaching the plaza. Full service lanes are to the far right side.

Speed Limit Through E-ZPass Only Lanes:
35 MPH

Light That Reflects "Unpaid Toll" at the E-ZPass Only Lanes:

Discounts for E-ZPass Users:
Two-axle vehicles receive a commuter discount. There is no discount for multi-axle vehicles.

Roadway Rules:
  • No stopping or backing up in the E-ZPass Only lane.
  • E-ZPass must be properly mounted.
  • E-ZPass is not guaranteed to work on motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles with more than two axles must use a manned lane.
  • Wide loads must keep to the far right.
  • Any vehicle over 15' wide must obtain a special hauling permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles and contact the Virginia State Police at 804-693-6808 to arrange for an escort to take them around the toll lanes via the Southbound lanes. One of the Wide-load escort vehicles must drive through the far right northbound manned lane and pay for all diverted vehicles in the procession in addition to themselves. All toll payments are at the user's expense.
  • Bicycles must use the established Bicycle Lane. It is located to the right of the far right travel lane. Bicycles do not pay toll.
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