The Next Generation

E-Z To Use

E-ZPass is the electronic toll collection system that makes paying tolls fast and easy. You don't have to fumble for change or wait in long lines, because E-ZPass automatically deducts the toll from your prepaid account. What could be easier? Just open an account, install the transponder... and go.

E-Z To Open

You can apply in minutes online, or by calling 877-762-7824. You may also visit your nearest E-ZPass Service Center.
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Personal and Business accounts are available. You can get an E-ZPass transponder for as many vehicles as you like. A minimum toll prepayment of $35 is required for each transponder. Apply now.

Alternatively you can pick up an E-ZPass On-the-Go transponder at one of our select retail partners for $35. The transponder includes $15 to use immediately with remaining $20 available to pay tolls after you register. You can register your transponder online or by phone and set up your account so you can continue to use your transponder. Virginia On-the-Go transponders can also be added to existing Virginia E-ZPass accounts.

E-Z To Install

Each transponder comes with adhesive mounting strips and easy-to-follow instructions. For your transponder to work consistently, it must be mounted properly, so follow the instructions carefully. When you open a prepaid account, you receive a small electronic transponder that attaches to the windshield, inside your car, or to your license plate (depending on the type needed for your car). Within the transponder is a battery-powered electronic chip encoded with a unique identification code. When you travel through an E-ZPass toll facility, an antenna at the toll plaza reads the information contained in your transponder. At that time the appropriate toll is electronically debited from your prepaid E-ZPass account.

E-Z To Go

With E-ZPass, you can travel the 13 toll roads and bridges in Virginia – plus all additional participating 14 E-ZPass states – worry-free. Some toll roads even offer discounts for frequent users.

E-Z To Carpool

The E-ZPass Flex is now available, a new switchable E-ZPass transponder that works like a regular E-ZPass plus provides an additional feature for the 495 Express Lanes (open now). This feature allows you to designate your car as a high occupancy vehicle to obtain a free trip when you have three or more people in the vehicle. Just select E-ZPass Flex when opening an account or pick up an E-ZPass Flex at our E-ZPass On-the-Go retail partners in Northern Virginia.